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Greg and Jenius travel to planet Mungo and take on Ming the Merciless and talk/listen to the greatest soundtrack/movie of all time, Flash Gordon! Like a slice of perfectly aged cheese, this episode tackles several of the themes to help save your Friday! DIVE!!!

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Greg and Jenius prepare to do battle with all the bullies as they talk the cult classic, Three O'Clock High! Past battles with bullies are discussed as well as some of their favorite high school movies. 

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Greg and Jenius body swap and take what they want as they break down the 1987 classic, The Hidden! They also talk Kyle MacLachlan and break down how to tell if they have been body swapped! 

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Greg and Jenius celebrate Hispanic Heritage month with Robert Rodriguez's From Dusk Till Dawn! They talk Trejo, Hayek, Marin, and Jenius talks of his love of felines! 

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Greg and Jenius cram for their midterms and talk Rodney Dangerfield and Back to School! They talk their favorite Rodney roles, college comedies, and get dirty with a Rodney's Role Edition of FMK. 

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Greg and Jenius finish off the summer of action with the underrated motorcycle classic, Stone Cold! Come for the Bosworth, stay for the Baxley! 

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A jam packed episode where we combine our horror podcast Nightmare Junkhead to talk all things Edgar Wright! We are joined by Adrian Torres from the Phantom Zoned Podcast and we start by sampling the variety of flavors in Wright's Cornetto Trilogy: Shaun of the Dead, Hot Fuzz, The World's End. 

We then review Wright's latest theatrical release, Baby Driver, and end things with a top 5 list of our favorite film soundtracks! 

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Greg and Jenius get their siege on and welcome in the Summer with one of the great modern martial arts masterpieces of our time, The Raid! They talk their favorite martial artists, martial arts films, and martial arts fight scenes! 

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Greg and Jenius are back at camp and shenanigans abound as they talk of the craziness of 1981's The Burning! They talk Cropsy, Angela, and Jason Alexander! 

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Greg and Jenius marvel the wonder of the hair of Mick Garris then delve into his masterpiece, Critters 2! There is talk of Gremlins, Ghoulies, and the rocking theme that is the Critters Skittle! 

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cannonball...Cannonball...CANNONBALL! Greg and Captain Chaos delve into this Hal Needham classic and talk dreamily about one Burt Reyolds. Not for the squeamish! 

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Greg and Jenius go undercover and talk about one of the great teen films from the 80's, Just One of the Guys! They talk Terry, hairy chests, and William Zabka! 

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Our latest episode finds Greg and Jenius talking the Joe Dante classic, The Burbs! They talk their love of Tom Hanks and talk to the audience regarding the sexiness of the Klopeks! Sardine? 

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