The Nerds of Nostalgia Podcast
Atomic Cotton

I am joined by the founders of Atomic Cotton, a t-shirt company devoted to all things horror! We talk the convention scene, celebrity encounters, and then talk about our favorite couples in horror. This is the episode not to be missed! 

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Samurai Cop

The first of 4 in a series of "So bad they're good" movies starts with a film getting a sequel this year, 1991's Samurai Cop! We talk Lethal Weapon, Garey Busey, Robert Z'Dar, and Cosby Cop! 

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Bill Murray Burlesque

I am joined by 3 local KC Burlesque entertainers as they talk the Groundhog Jubilee: A Night of Bill Murray show at the Uptown Arts Bar on 1/31/2015! We talk Ghostbusters, Wes Anderson, and the one and only, Bill Murray! 

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Panic Film Fest

The first official episode of Nerds of Nostalgia, we are joined by KC Canton, founder of the Panic Film Fest. We talk this year's lineup, his website Downright Creepy, and also Rotten Rentals! We close up talking our favorite VHS covers and VHS memories! 

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