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A mini-episode that has no true ending, we sit down and talk before the Gremlins movie night and go from The Cannonball Run to zombies. A true b-side if there ever was one! 

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The last episode of the podcast before we switch to the new format and title, we discuss The Babadook, Gremlins, and a whole slew of other holiday goodies! 

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We talk the seminal 1984 flick Hardbodies and also discuss our favorite boner jams including Porky''s, Revenge of the Nerds, Hamburger the Motion Picture, and Wild Things! Not for the weak of stomach. 

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Guest host Genius McGee returns and we go all over the place talking the heavy metal horror genre and get down and dirty with Trick or Treat and Black Roses. Bang your head and play some records backwards!

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I bring in a special guest to talk the Kansas City Horror Club and their first annual Fundraiser. We also talk Scream Queen Linnea Quigley and her roles in The Return of the Living Dead and Night of the Demons. Let Rocktober begin!

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Adonus and I delve into The Burbs, the satanism scare of the 80s, and our experience with crazy neighbors. Additional talk shifts to the game Destiny, Home Gaming 101, the proposed remake of Enter the Dragon, and all other sorts of geekiness.

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Our contribution to the #84athon, we talk Tom Hanks and the awesomeness of Bachelor Party. We also delve into our own party experiences and we learn why you should never put Adonus in a corner.

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A very special episode in which we start serious and devolve to geek stuff. We talk Hot Fuzz, current events, and then find out what Adonus thought of the TMNT remake. Also, two special guests!

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We delve into some of our favorite toys and Adonus relives his own personal version of A Christmas Story. Power Rangers, GI Joe, He-Man, and of course, Megazoid are all put under the microscope. You will know the horror that is voicebot!

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We wrap up the Summer of Schwarzenegger by getting our collective badass on by talking all about Predator! Also, we talk the prospect of a sequel to Samurai Cop and muse on the future of the podcast.

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A mini episode where Adonus and I talk the ultimate spec script for our King Conan! It gets really geeky as usual.

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Adonus and I start the Summer of Schwarzenegger celebrating the early works of Arnold Schwarzenegger! We talk Pumping Iron, Conan the Barbarian, and Commando.


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Our first "live" podcast from Freebirds World Buritto in Westport, we talk the Scrub League, the finest compliation of street-fighting nerds this side of Missouri!

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I lone wolf a mini-episode and discuss how movie night came along and how its progressed over the 3 years we have done it..I thank you for this indulgence of my ego!

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A subject so special we brought in a special guest! Our friend Joe, the Puerto Rican Fury, joins us as we talk wrestling, wrestling, and more wrestling!

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Adonus goes off on the new TMNT trailer which delves into a conversation on whether or not your nostalgia is indeed sacred and should be untouched. Geekiness abounds!

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Another mini episode hits and we discuss our favorite arcade games and experiences. It's all nostalgia in this one!

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We celebrate 3 years of the Dedrick Movie Night by talking trailers, trailers, and more trailers with Drafthouse Film's Trailer War.

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Our first mini-episode features our review/experience of the remake of one of our favorite films, Robocop. We also get into the original which is alway worthy of a re-watch.

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The second Dedrick Movie Night Podcast focuses on Just One of the Guys, a fantastic 80s film and our movie for the month of February. We delve into the movie and focus on the career of everyone's favorite 80's villain, William Zabka!

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The first episode of the Dedrick Movie Night Pocast is unleashed and what better movie to discuss than the New Wave/Tai Kwon Do masterpiece, Miami Connection. We talk the movie, martial arts, and Action Jackson!

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