The Nerds of Nostalgia Podcast

Greg and Jenius enroll at Port Chester University and engage in shenanigans with the crew from PCU! Laughs abound and things get freaky with crusty deans! 

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We celebrate summer as we answer the question, "Hauer's your Summer" with a Rutger Hauer double feature of Hitcher and Bilnd Fury! We hitch a ride with the first film and then find what was thought lost footage of Blind Fury! Huge thanks to Dustin Pryor from the Media Rewind podcast!  

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Greg and Jenius snarl their way through this episode as they complete the magic mix tape as they talk No Holds Barred! Take a drink every time someone says brother and dookie! 

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Greg and Jenius take a bite out of the gloriously cheesy musical Xanadu! 

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Greg and Jenius brave the cold and take a bite out of the cult classic, Ravenous! They talk the cult appeal of the film, talk around the cast, and of course, get freaky with some cannibals!

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