The Nerds of Nostalgia Podcast

Greg and Jenius see if a Donkey show is a deal breaker as they party hard with Tom Hank's Bachelor Party! 

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Jenius is joined by Dustin Pryor from the Media Rewind podcast as they get nostalgic over Mannequin! 

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Greg and Jenius give thanks and head into Mongo and talk one of the horniest PG movies ever made, Flash Gordon! 

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Jenius welcomes his co-host of the Media Rewind podcast Dustin as they talk the October Society's Tales of Halloween! 

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Greg and Jenius take a look into the much maligned sequel that is Bogus Journey and take an interesting journey themselves! 

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Greg and Jenius enroll at Port Chester University and engage in shenanigans with the crew from PCU! Laughs abound and things get freaky with crusty deans! 

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We celebrate summer as we answer the question, "Hauer's your Summer" with a Rutger Hauer double feature of Hitcher and Bilnd Fury! We hitch a ride with the first film and then find what was thought lost footage of Blind Fury! Huge thanks to Dustin Pryor from the Media Rewind podcast!  

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Greg and Jenius snarl their way through this episode as they complete the magic mix tape as they talk No Holds Barred! Take a drink every time someone says brother and dookie! 

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Greg and Jenius take a bite out of the gloriously cheesy musical Xanadu! 

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Greg and Jenius brave the cold and take a bite out of the cult classic, Ravenous! They talk the cult appeal of the film, talk around the cast, and of course, get freaky with some cannibals!

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Greg and Jenius give the holidays the finger and end their year of the Oddly 80's with a film that has to be seen to be believed, prepare yourself for a few Stargroves and the cult classic, Never Too Young to Die! Come for the cult goodnes, stay for the Stamos. Stargrove! 

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Greg and Jenius continue their look into the oddly 80's with the surreal, absurd, and funny film, UHF! They talk the genius of Weird Al, the old references, and of course, defile a few of the member of Channel 62. 

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Greg and Jenius dive into Shocktober and go into dueling Buseys as things get hairy as they talk Silver Bullet! They talk werewolves, a "c" word, and of course, Gary Busey! 

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Greg and Jenius try and cross the border as they talk the 1987 classic, Born in East LA! They talk Cheech, a little Chong, and get freaky with a cartoon! 

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Greg and Jenius go back to school with a USA Up All Night inspired double feature: Class of 1984 and Reform School Girls! How sleazy does it get? Is this the future? Listen in or risk going to Reform School! So young, so bad, so what? 

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Greg and Jenius travel back to Old Detroit to talk all things Robocop! We talk the awesome baddies and get freaky with some heavy metal! 

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Greg and Jenius are joined by members of the Media Rewind and Horrorversary podcast as they travel into Old Detroit and offer up a fan commentary track for Robocop! 

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We continue our look into the oddly 80's and start our One Sweller of a summer with a film that is the epitome of the oddly 80's: The Adventures of Buckaroo Banzai Across the 8th Dimension! We celebrate all things Peter Weller, talk the Blue Blazers, and get weird with Lectroids! 

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Greg and Jenius Jamaica ska all over the place as they talk peanut butter, Pee Wee Herman, and the 1987 classic Back to the Beach! Come for the cheese, stay for the FMK! 

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Greg and Jenius lay it all out with an episode that is equal parts saccharine and sinister, we've talked about it, and we hope you're ready to never see carpet samples the same way! Prepare yourself for our live Comic Con episode! 

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Greg and Jenius get behind the wheel and talk the oddly 80's film The Wraith! They talk killer cars, revenge flicks, and get freaky with some poor automobiles! 

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Greg and Jenius throw down with coal hammers and talk a film that could only come from the 1980's, Streets of Fire! We talk musicals, Walter Hill films, and get freaky with Rick Moranis! 

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Greg and Jenius kick of the third year of Monday Mystery Movie Night and get gross talking the 1983 boner jam classic, Joysticks! Topics include the great Jon Gries, our favorite boner jams, and we talk awful things about your favorite video game characters! 

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Greg and Jenius travel to planet Mungo and take on Ming the Merciless and talk/listen to the greatest soundtrack/movie of all time, Flash Gordon! Like a slice of perfectly aged cheese, this episode tackles several of the themes to help save your Friday! DIVE!!!

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Greg and Jenius prepare to do battle with all the bullies as they talk the cult classic, Three O'Clock High! Past battles with bullies are discussed as well as some of their favorite high school movies. 

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Greg and Jenius body swap and take what they want as they break down the 1987 classic, The Hidden! They also talk Kyle MacLachlan and break down how to tell if they have been body swapped! 

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Greg and Jenius celebrate Hispanic Heritage month with Robert Rodriguez's From Dusk Till Dawn! They talk Trejo, Hayek, Marin, and Jenius talks of his love of felines! 

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Greg and Jenius cram for their midterms and talk Rodney Dangerfield and Back to School! They talk their favorite Rodney roles, college comedies, and get dirty with a Rodney's Role Edition of FMK. 

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Greg and Jenius finish off the summer of action with the underrated motorcycle classic, Stone Cold! Come for the Bosworth, stay for the Baxley! 

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A jam packed episode where we combine our horror podcast Nightmare Junkhead to talk all things Edgar Wright! We are joined by Adrian Torres from the Phantom Zoned Podcast and we start by sampling the variety of flavors in Wright's Cornetto Trilogy: Shaun of the Dead, Hot Fuzz, The World's End. 

We then review Wright's latest theatrical release, Baby Driver, and end things with a top 5 list of our favorite film soundtracks! 

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Greg and Jenius get their siege on and welcome in the Summer with one of the great modern martial arts masterpieces of our time, The Raid! They talk their favorite martial artists, martial arts films, and martial arts fight scenes! 

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Greg and Jenius are back at camp and shenanigans abound as they talk of the craziness of 1981's The Burning! They talk Cropsy, Angela, and Jason Alexander! 

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Greg and Jenius marvel the wonder of the hair of Mick Garris then delve into his masterpiece, Critters 2! There is talk of Gremlins, Ghoulies, and the rocking theme that is the Critters Skittle! 

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cannonball...Cannonball...CANNONBALL! Greg and Captain Chaos delve into this Hal Needham classic and talk dreamily about one Burt Reyolds. Not for the squeamish! 

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Greg and Jenius go undercover and talk about one of the great teen films from the 80's, Just One of the Guys! They talk Terry, hairy chests, and William Zabka! 

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Our latest episode finds Greg and Jenius talking the Joe Dante classic, The Burbs! They talk their love of Tom Hanks and talk to the audience regarding the sexiness of the Klopeks! Sardine? 

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Apologies up front for the sound quality, we talk one of the weirdest martial arts film from the 80's, 1987's Miami Connection! 

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Greg and Jenius wax nostalgic and offer up a fan commentary track for the newly released Wawwork! 

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We crash The Media Rewind podcast and are now reposting their episode as ours! Think of it as cross-podination...and we talk about the Purge franchise! 

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We're back! And unlike the man behind the mask we're not out of control as we talk about one of the best entries in the Friday the 13th series, the beloved Jason Lives! We're joined by special guest Brian Corey from the Necronomicast podcast! 

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After an extended break Greg and Jenius are back and things get quite personal as we learn just what was going on and they segue into a discussion of films that are connected with personal events. 

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Greg and Jenius hang 10 and dive into one of the great romance movies of our times...Point Break! Greg breaks out his Power Point Break and tries to convince Jenius that Utah and Bodhi's journey is spiritual and romantic! 

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Greg and Jenius are joined by Dustin Pryor of the Media Rewind podcast to talk their favorite "American" movies. They take inspiration from the 5cast and break all 3 list their top 5 American films! What makes the list? What did we leave out? Listen in to find out! 

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Greg and Jenius attempt to get through the game zone that is Tapcade with another live episode where they talk Arnold Schwarzenegger and The Running Man! 

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Greg and Jenius are joined by Patrick Bromley of the F This Movie podcast and talk the seminal work of action auteur Craig R. Baxley. They focus on his unholy trilogy of Action Jackson, I Come in Peace, and Stone Cold! Remember, God forgives, the Nerds of Nostalgia don't!  

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Greg and Jenius delve deep into the woods and talk about one of the all-time great summer camp slashers, Sleepaway Camp. And much like the movie, you really need to listen all the way to the end as some crazy shit is said! 

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We take a look at The Book of Strangers and The Door. 

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In honor of Alien Day we wander out of quarantine and travel onto LV-426 and talk the Aliens franchise. And with an episode this big we brought on a special guest, an Aliens enthusiast and DJ from 98.9 The Rock, Ty James! 

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The first in our weekly recap show where we talk Game of Thrones! This first episode we talk about our thought on season 1-5 of the shows and then give you our thoughts on the premier episode of Season 6! 

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Our 4th live podcast finds us not inhaling the stoner jam classic, Half Baked! We talk our own "enhanced" experiences with our audience and get lifted! 

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Greg and Jenius delve into the second round of New World Madness and pontificate the finer points of action, comedy, boner jams, and horror. Here are the matchups:

The Punisher vs Death Race 2000

Heathers vs Rock'N'Roll High School

Reform School Girls vs Fraternity Vacation

Warlock vs The Stuff

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Jenius and Greg delve into March Madness the nerd way by breaking down and talking the movies of New World Pictures! Who wins? Who moves on? Talk with us over at our Facebook page and our Twitter account! 

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We get to the choppa in our commentary for one of the all time action greats...Predator! 

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Our first live episode recorded at Tapcade in Kansas City and we talk Hamburger: The Motion Picture along with our other favorite boner jams! 

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Greg and Jenius delve head first into Adams College and give a fan commentary track on 1984's Revenge of the Nerds! 

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Greg and Jenius talk their Star Wars memories and gush over The Force Awakens! 

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Greg and Jenius head out and invade Illinois for the Days of the Dead horror convention. We talk with Ghoulish Gary Pullin whose art you have seen gracing the works of Mondo, Waxwork, and Deathwaltz and our friends at Atomic Cotton! 

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Greg and Jenius are sending in their ACT scores as they delve into the realm of College based movies! They are joined by Clint Sears, writer of the segment "The Night Billy Raised Hell" from 2015's Tales of Halloween, and Dustin P to create their ultimate list of College based movies

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We recap our first annual horror marathon held at Tapcade and talk about our favorite Halloween memories! 

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We head down to Camp Crystal Lake and review the entirety of the Friday the 13th franchise! We are joined by Brian Corey of the Necronomicast to help enhance your listening experience!

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We combine Nerds of Nostalgia with Nightmare Junkhead to bring you THE definitive Halloween retrospective! To sweeten the deal we are joined by Justin Beahm, writer/director of You Can't Kill the Boogeyman, to go deep into The Shape!

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The final entry in our John Carpenter retrospective, we bring back our friend Dustin P and we look at Carpenter's films from the 90's and beyond! We talk In the Mouth of Madness, Vampires, Escape From LA, and Ghosts of Mars. 

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The second part of our retrospective finds Jason Chaffee of Cheap Shots  nerding out over John Carpenter's films from the mid and late 80's into the early 90's.  We examine Big Trouble in Little China, Prince of Darkness, They Live, and In the Mouth of Madness!

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We are joined by Shayne Mathis of The Full Metal Hipster podcast and Zack Kauffman from Atomic Cotton and we swoon over the history of Iron Maiden in anticipation of their new album, Book of Souls. We talk of our personal history with the band and then share our top 5 albums, songs, and ultimate set lists! 

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The first of three episodes where we tackle the films of John Carpenter. We are joined by Nick Spacek from the From and Inspired By Podcast and we talk the films of Carpenter from 1976-1982 including Assault on Precinct 13, The Fog, The Thing, and Escape From New York.

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Our first cross-over episode where we merge Nerds with our horror podcast, Nightmare Junkhead to cover Crypticon! We talk with a number of guests and had a blast!  And stick around till the end as we sing our favorite theme songs! 

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Our mini episode where we talk with a slew of artists/attendees of the first annual Kansas City Comic-Con. 

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We're loading up our backpacks and brown bagging it as we go back to school with a month long look at our favorite movies set in schools! First up we look at flicks set in a high school setting but we get started with a memorial to Roddy Piper and talk about the Deadpool trailer. Then we delve into our favorite high school flicks! Which ones made the cut and which ones did we leave out? Listen in to find out! 

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Our Summer of Stallone comes to an end as we pay tribute to one of Stallone's greatest flicks, Demolition Man! We first talk about what went down at the San Diego Comic-Con, dive into a few of the Stallone flicks we didn't mention last episode, and then finally figure out how to use the 3 sea shells!

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A bonus episode where we gush over one of the finest sword and sorcery movies ever made, 1982's Conan the Barbarian. Stay tuned after the episode as we recorded our hosting gig at the Alamo Drafthouse to give you a taste of how the nerds host a screening!

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We nerd out over everyone's favorite Italian Stallion, Sylvester Stallone! We first pay our respects to those that have gone beyond in nerd news, then we delve into the films of one of the all-time great action heroes!

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We go off format as we welcome Adam R and Eric H from the CTRL ALT DELETE podcast! 

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We are joined by Cher D Blame, Mary Magdelene, and Kinsey Scale to talk about their upcoming Fringe show, Al You Need Is Love, a Bachelor parody. Then they compete to win a date with Jenius! Who wins? Who walks away with their dignity? Listen in to find out!

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A mini episode where I talk with Jarvis Leatherby from the band Night Demon! If you dig thrasy, NWOBHM inspired metal, prepare to meet your new favorite band!

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We welcome the awesome hosts of the Forever Bogus podcast, Bryce and Elijah, as we cross-pollinate the podcast and talk all about our top 5 favorite toys from our youth! What makes the list? What gets left out? Listen in to find out! 

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We talk the Mad Max trilogy in anticipation of the new Mad Max movie, Fury Road. We talk The Road Warrior, Beyond Thunderdome and the original. 

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We talk all about our favorite villains including Skeletor, Darth Vader, and Clarence Boddicker amongst others. Nerd news includes Suicide Six, Star Wars, Lifeforce, and The Hateful Eight. 

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The last in our series devoted to the films of The Cannon Group, we start with some nerd news talking the deaths of Tom Towles and Geoffrey Lewis, talk a little Arrested Development and the upcoming remake of Gremlins. Then we delve into the final regions of our Cannon Madness bracket looking at the Strokin' region, the Fantasy/Sci-Fi region, and the Horror region and talk about Texas Chainsaw Massacre part 2, Masters of The Universe, Hot Chili and more! 

Direct download: Cannon_3.mp3
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Break out your finest pizza scissors as we start the second in our series devoted to the Cannon Group. We start with a little nerd news and delve into the Sports and Action regions in our March Cannon Madness bracket. We talk Breakin' 2, Rappin', and Over the Top for the Sports region and analyze Death Wish 3, Invasion USA, Exterminator 2, and Cobra for the Action region. 

Direct download: Cannon_2.mp3
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The first in a series where we celebrate the canon of Cannon, we talk Ninja 3, Kickboxer, American Ninja, and Bloodsport.

Direct download: Cannon_1.mp3
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We talk with the lead singers of local KC metal bands Trogladite and Hammerlord as they promote their upcoming benefit show on March 21st at The Riot Room. We talk metal, metal, and Traci Lords. Sincerely, there is way too much metal for one hand with this one. 

Direct download: Hammerdite.mp3
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We open with some nerd news concerning the recent Alien controvery regarding Neil Blomkamp and discuss the DC/Marvel television and movie properties. We then talk about the awesome arcades in the Kansas City area including Tapcade and Barcadia. We finish up with some arcade memories and our favorite games.

Direct download: Arcade_Part_Deux.mp3
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We recap the Panic Film Festival by talking about Wolf-Cop, Wyrmwood and Billy Club. We talk in depth regarding the horror comedy What We Do In The Shadows and go over our favorite horror comedies!

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Panic Film Fest Live

A noisy episode where we talk with Adam Roberts of the Screenland Armor Theater live during the Panic Film Festival of which he is a co-founder! We talk about the films and the overall experience. Noisy but worth it! 

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Atomic Cotton

I am joined by the founders of Atomic Cotton, a t-shirt company devoted to all things horror! We talk the convention scene, celebrity encounters, and then talk about our favorite couples in horror. This is the episode not to be missed! 

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Samurai Cop

The first of 4 in a series of "So bad they're good" movies starts with a film getting a sequel this year, 1991's Samurai Cop! We talk Lethal Weapon, Garey Busey, Robert Z'Dar, and Cosby Cop! 

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Bill Murray Burlesque

I am joined by 3 local KC Burlesque entertainers as they talk the Groundhog Jubilee: A Night of Bill Murray show at the Uptown Arts Bar on 1/31/2015! We talk Ghostbusters, Wes Anderson, and the one and only, Bill Murray! 

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Panic Film Fest

The first official episode of Nerds of Nostalgia, we are joined by KC Canton, founder of the Panic Film Fest. We talk this year's lineup, his website Downright Creepy, and also Rotten Rentals! We close up talking our favorite VHS covers and VHS memories! 

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A mini-episode that has no true ending, we sit down and talk before the Gremlins movie night and go from The Cannonball Run to zombies. A true b-side if there ever was one! 

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The last episode of the podcast before we switch to the new format and title, we discuss The Babadook, Gremlins, and a whole slew of other holiday goodies! 

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We talk the seminal 1984 flick Hardbodies and also discuss our favorite boner jams including Porky''s, Revenge of the Nerds, Hamburger the Motion Picture, and Wild Things! Not for the weak of stomach. 

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Guest host Genius McGee returns and we go all over the place talking the heavy metal horror genre and get down and dirty with Trick or Treat and Black Roses. Bang your head and play some records backwards!

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I bring in a special guest to talk the Kansas City Horror Club and their first annual Fundraiser. We also talk Scream Queen Linnea Quigley and her roles in The Return of the Living Dead and Night of the Demons. Let Rocktober begin!

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