The Nerds of Nostalgia Podcast

We delve into some of our favorite toys and Adonus relives his own personal version of A Christmas Story. Power Rangers, GI Joe, He-Man, and of course, Megazoid are all put under the microscope. You will know the horror that is voicebot!

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We wrap up the Summer of Schwarzenegger by getting our collective badass on by talking all about Predator! Also, we talk the prospect of a sequel to Samurai Cop and muse on the future of the podcast.

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A mini episode where Adonus and I talk the ultimate spec script for our King Conan! It gets really geeky as usual.

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Adonus and I start the Summer of Schwarzenegger celebrating the early works of Arnold Schwarzenegger! We talk Pumping Iron, Conan the Barbarian, and Commando.


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Our first "live" podcast from Freebirds World Buritto in Westport, we talk the Scrub League, the finest compliation of street-fighting nerds this side of Missouri!

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I lone wolf a mini-episode and discuss how movie night came along and how its progressed over the 3 years we have done it..I thank you for this indulgence of my ego!

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A subject so special we brought in a special guest! Our friend Joe, the Puerto Rican Fury, joins us as we talk wrestling, wrestling, and more wrestling!

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Adonus goes off on the new TMNT trailer which delves into a conversation on whether or not your nostalgia is indeed sacred and should be untouched. Geekiness abounds!

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Another mini episode hits and we discuss our favorite arcade games and experiences. It's all nostalgia in this one!

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We celebrate 3 years of the Dedrick Movie Night by talking trailers, trailers, and more trailers with Drafthouse Film's Trailer War.

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Our first mini-episode features our review/experience of the remake of one of our favorite films, Robocop. We also get into the original which is alway worthy of a re-watch.

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The second Dedrick Movie Night Podcast focuses on Just One of the Guys, a fantastic 80s film and our movie for the month of February. We delve into the movie and focus on the career of everyone's favorite 80's villain, William Zabka!

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The first episode of the Dedrick Movie Night Pocast is unleashed and what better movie to discuss than the New Wave/Tai Kwon Do masterpiece, Miami Connection. We talk the movie, martial arts, and Action Jackson!

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